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Stop, Drop, and Scroll

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

I've seen many people joke about feeling duped because they thought that ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ would be more relevant in their lives, comparing it to the importance of cursive and remaining calm when you end up in quicksand.

But here’s the thing. Stop, drop and roll does not deserve that slander. We learned that 'trick' early in life because it increases the chance that we will remember it in the rare event that we are on fire, and our natural reactions (running, hitting it, etc) might not allow us to survive.

Now, to bring it back to racial awareness. When you are overwhelmed with the desire to alleviate yourself of the icky feeling that comes with the realization that you have been participating in white supremacy without your knowledge, and you have the ability to do better, but don’t know where to start... take it easy.

STOP making it about you. DROP the idea that there is something you can do to 'fix' the situation (aka drop your ego). And go to any Black educator’s page and SCROLL through their comments.

That’s it! Just scroll. *DO NOT COMMENT* Just scroll for understanding and trust me, you will leave that comment section more educated, whether you know it or not.

It sounds easy, but come back to this blog post and leave comment when you realize how often you have to stop yourself from providing your perspective. This restraint is much more helpful, for you and the educator, than any related story you can share.


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