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“What Do We Do?”: Indoctrination Inoculation

Practice Questianity. Especially when someone appears to have confidence in their position as the "right" one to have.

Be Culturally Critical. Constantly.

Step one. See the thing you want to change. 

Step two. Be the change you want to see.

Step three. Do it again.

Expect nothing in the moment. Plant the seed and walk away. Proof not needed.

Coercive control can only be battled by knowledge of its existence and belief in the stories of people impacted by it.

Staying dedicated to hope and healing requires minimal effort, but substantial discipline.

Feel. Deal. Heal.

Talk about the uncomfortable stuff. Be the one in the room.

Be the one to start the slow clap. Its only obvious in hindsight, but it takes guts and vulnerability to stand out voluntarily and shift the energy.

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