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What Can You Do Right Now?! Make it About Race

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

"What is something we can do right now?"

The answer isn't sexy like a protest, or a march, it's making everything about race.

Aht! Aht! That doesn't mean talk about Black people's oppression. Talk about whiteness. Talk about how you have been a victim of white supremacy.

The first rule of White Club...

Whiteness holds its power through self-silencing, keeping the worst of us "comfortable".

Why should we remain uncomfortable silently so that the person making us uncomfortable doesn't feel uncomfortable with the knowledge of your discomfort? Oy... Where is the virtue in that?

That is why whiteness values talking around things - signaling toward messages rather than confronting issues directly, believing that it is more civilized to use larger words, and plenty of them, to say even the most simple of things. Saying exactly what you mean, want, and need is... rude apparently? (I've been told this on the internet. Many, many times)

So start making some people uncomfortable with how comfortable you are talking about race ;)

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