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Watch Your Language: Centered or Constructive? (1-D vs 3-D)

Before you speak… Is what you're saying going to include any perspective other than your own?

I have found a strong theme in my TikTok comments and have decided that white people communicate from a centered point-of-view. This kind of communication is one-dimensional (1-D), only focusing on what is being offered externally, disregarding the background of whomever they are communicating, or the environment in which they are trying to communicate said message.

I theorize that effective communication can only come with a constructive point-of-view. I consider this communication style to be three-dimensional (3-D), considering the receiver’s life experiences as well as the environment in which you are communicating.

I know this is abstract but with time and examples, it will be super clear. Promise ;)

For example:

I could be speaking to you, talking to you, even conversing with you, but does that mean I am actually conveying my intended message with you? I mean, what if we speak different languages? Centered (1-D) language only considers the individual in question, and what they are offering outward to another person.

Constructive (3-D) language involves communication. To communicate, in addition to my own intentions, I have to value the experiences of the person to whom I’m speaking AND the environment around our communication.

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