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Why am I talking?

I heard this acronym at some point in corporate America and it really stuck with me. I love it for many reasons. It literally spells out the action needed to do the thing the acronym is calling for. I mean, how cool is that?!

Anyway, we often hear the phrase, It’s not what you said, its how you said it. Well, that’s dumb and those are not things that matter. It assumes you should be talking in the first place and your words are adding to a conversation. Why did you say it? Who did you say it for? Did it need to be said? Did you just turn an opportunity to validate someone’s unique experience into a conversation about your own unrelated experience?

Many ”allies” are asking what they can do to help, and talking about where to start and what to do. Many are telling stories of their new found awareness of privilege. But if they stopped asking questions and focusing on their own personal involvement, they may learn something that opens the door to their opportunity to advocate for others.

So before commenting on Black culture, content, or creators, stop yourself and truly ask, ‘Why am I talking?’


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