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5 Ways YOU Can Support...

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

1) One of the most powerful ways you can support my message is to SPREAD my message. Bring my voice into spaces where it currently does not exist. An easy way is just to tell someone about coming across my page for the first time. Not every discussion about race has to be somber or be initiated by a negative event. Be proactive about identifying "'micro'aggressions" and there will be fewer cringey moments in your future. Win, Win!

2) Create smaller communities of non-Black people unlearning internalized white supremacy. This is not easy work you should do alone. You NEED others to talk to about your new awareness. It is overwhelming for all of us, it is super messy, and super interesting. Discussing and reflecting with others going through a similar experience is going to make each new realization about yourself, good or bad, an opportunity to connect with others and grow.

3) Join AND SHARE my platforms :)

4) If you know someone/people/an organization looking to spend their blood money in a way they can feel good about, send them my way!

5) Send me something!

P.O. Box 607600

Chicago, IL 60660

See you next time!


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