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About 'Me'


The White Woman Whisperer

Changing the world, one well-meaning white woman at a time...

As a biracial child (Jewmaican, as I like to call myself) growing up in a diverse and progressive town in New Jersey (Teaneck - google it), I lived in a bubble. I truly believed we were in a post-racial America.


In 2019, I moved my life to the Midwest for my first "well-paying job" and, through some painful experiences, found out that racism is not only still pervasive, but can be presented as allyship. To make things worse, those who DO want to advocate for racial equity are not equipped to do so without causing further harm.

So... instead of succumbing to the dehumanizing nature of "professionalism" and screaming into the abyss of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, I am choosing to believe that we can, and will, break this cycle. 

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